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Carlisle Beekeepers Association publishes a regular newsletter with details of association events, news and articles of interest to members.  The Editor is Malcolm Cotter  ~  Email   caromalc@btinternet.com

The association also publishes some information leaflets and posters - please see the Articles page for these.

Branch Committee Minutes

2018 AGM Minutes ~ here

Oil Seed Rape ~ Walter McPhee

Cumbria Committee Minutes

26th May 2018 ~ here

1st December 2018 ~ here

2nd February 2019 ~ here

Cumbria Beekeepers Constitution

~ here

BBKA Regional Link Newsletter

National Bee Unit

Northern Annual Report 2019 ~ here

Northern Annual Report 2020 ~ here

Northern Annual Report 2021 ~ here


Bee  Times ~ March 2021 ~ here

Bee  Times ~ June 2021 ~ here