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The members of Carlisle Beekeepers Association have between them  many years experience in all aspects of beekeeping, honey and wax production, cooking with honey and a variety of craft skills.

The articles below represent individual opinions and ideas ~ if you have any article you would like to add please let us know.

Training & Advice

   Hive Record Card ~ MS Word file

   My Beekeeping Year - Ian Craig  (Scottish Beekeepers)

Basics of Beekeeping - Magnus Peterson (Scottish Beekeepers)

How to get bees from a National to a Langstroth  ~ Peter Matthews

   Hive Hygiene ~ Ian Homer

   Parasites of Honeybees - Dr Mary Coffey

Knitting & Crafts

   Knitted Bee ~ Lorraine Priestley

   Encaustic Art ~ Lorraine Priestley

North Pennines AONB ~ Oral History of Beekeeping

   Syd Parker: getting the car stuck on the Moss.

   Nick Mills: starting beekeeping in Botswana.

   Oral history of beekeeping  full film .

Cooking with Honey

   Honey Recipes 1 ~ Lorraine Priestley

   Honey Recipes 2 ~ Lorraine Priestley

   Honey Recipes 3 ~ Lorraine Priestley

   Honey Recipes 4 ~ Lorraine Priestley

   Roger Patterson’s Honey Recipes

Information Leaflets & Posters

   Carlisle Beekeepers Association Leaflet

   Oil Seed Rape ~ A4 poster

Making Comb Honey:

Watch the video ~ here      Contact the company ~  here

BBC Springwatch:

Incredible mating habits of hairy footed flower bee, watch  here

Arnia Bee Bulletin

Summer Nectar Dearth ~ read the article  ~ here

Flowering Currant ~ Walter McPhee


The branch maintain a small library of books and  DVDs which are available to members to borrow.

To see the current library stock

click here


Fantastic range of booklets free to read from the Welsh Beekeeping Association, cover swarm control, making increases, comb change and much more.

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The Branch maintain a small stock of equipment which can be borrowed by members. To see the equipment list: click here

Cumbria Beekeepers also have  equipment which may be borrowed by branch members. To see the Cumbrian equipment list:  click here

Hive Record Card


Carlisle Beekeepers – Library Stock

Author     Title

Alston F.   Skeps, Their History, Making and Use.

Bee Research   Garden Plants Valuable to Bees

Campion A.   Bees at the Bottom of the Garden

Dartington R.   Construction Info for DLD Hive

Diemer I.   Bees and Beekeeping

Diggle J.G.   The Practical Bee Guide

Ellis H.    Sweetness and Light

Free J.B.   Honeybees

Gordon P.   Starting With Bees

Hills L.D.   Confrey the Herbal Healer

Hooper T.   Guide to Bees and Honey

Meyer O.   Basic Beekeeping

Morse    Complete Guide to Beekeeping

Oliver & Boyde  Bees and Beekeeping

Root A.I. & E.R.  ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

Scott A.   The Murmur of Bees

Sims D.    Sixty Years With Bees

Skinner F.   Basic Beekeeping for Beginners

Snelgrove L.E.   Queen Rearing

Snelgrove L.E.   Swarming, Control and Prevention

Unknown   Value Added Products from Beekeeping

Vaulder A.    Oil See Rape and Bees

Vernon F.   Beekeeping

Yoirish N.   Curative Properties of Honey and Venom


Second Sight   An Introduction to Keeping Bees

   Unknown    Killer Bees