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Carlisle Beekeepers Association supports members and prospective members who wish to train in all aspects of beekeeping.  The association runs a beginners course each year, with both practical and theory sessions.

Please use the Training Contact Form if you are interested in finding out about training with Carlisle Beekeepers Association.

Beginners Course ~ 2017  ~  There are no current plans to run a beginners course.

The Beginners’ course is designed to provide people interested in beekeeping with the knowledge and practical skills they will need to get started. Beginners are also very welcome to attend the regular apiary meetings, where they can gain more experience and meet some interesting beekeepers.

The beginners' course is held at Houghton Village Hall.

Further Information & Booking

To find out more about the beginners' course please contact:                                                        


Paying for Courses

Please make cheques payable to:   

Carlisle Beekeepers Association

Basic Beekeeping Assessment

Carlisle Beepkeeping Association will also arrange for members to be assessed for the BBKA Basic Beekeeping Certificate at the association apiary at Walby. Details of the Basic qualification can be found  on the BBKA web site. If you would like to discuss the Basic Beekeeping Assessment please contact Christine.   ~  BBKA Basic Assessment

Successful candidates can have the examination fee for  the Basic and Module 3  refunded by Cumbria Beekeepers Association.

Further Training

The BBKA provide a framework of  training , education  and further qualifications for beekeepers. ~                      

Christine Matthews,

4 Annanhill,



DG12 6TN

Tel: (01461) 205525

Email:  silverhive@hotmail.com

BBKA Education

Useful Beekeeping Information


      Dave Cushman

Scientific Beekeeping

BBKA Swarm Control

Asian Hornet

Honey Bee

Excellent free to read booklets from the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association ~  click here

Asian Hornet information

Asian Hornet identification chart        ~ here

Asian Hornet identification poster      ~ here

On line recognition quiz                     ~ here

Defra request vigilance                      ~ here

Build a simple hornet trap ~ plan        ~ here  

Build a simple hornet trap ~ video      ~ here

If you think you have seen an Asian Hornet take a picture and email it with details of where you saw it and your contact information to ~ alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk

Report sighting on line                       ~ here

Asian Hornet Watch app for Iphone    ~ here

Asian Hornet  Watch app for android  ~ here