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Carlisle Beekeepers Association has a series of winter meetings in Houghton Village Hall, regular apiary days at the Walby apiary, plus the association attends a variety agricultural and flower shows.

Apiary Days ~ 2017

The Association meets at the Walby apiary every two weeks. Meetings start at 2pm.

At Saturday meetings  a branch member will give a short talk on apiary management.


27th January

Annual Dinner at Skitby House

27th February

Julia Hoggard.  ‘Alive and Well’

27th March

Arbelo consultants. ‘Alergic Reactions’

24th April

Northumbria Honey - Mead Making.


Visit to Brigsteer Bee Reserve TBC

25th September

Dave Blackledge RSPB Campfield

30th October

Members’ Honey Show

27th November

Annual General Meeting

Winter Meetings.

Held at Houghton Village Hall

 Starting at 7.30 pm



April 9th

April 22nd

May 7th

May 20th

June 4th

June 17th

July 2nd

July 15th

July 30th

August 12th

Due to the Dalston show this meeting will be held on Sunday 13th

August 27th

September 9th

September 24th

~ Clean Up Day

American Foulbrood was discovered in Cumbria in May and there has been an outbreak of European Foulbrood inear Dumfries.  At the apiary meeting on the 4th June Lorraine introduced a very useful reference to honeybee parasites. Including foulbrood.

Parasites of the Honeybee - Dr Mary Coffey

To  down load a copy ~  click here:

Exhibiting at the Dalston Show